Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blood Omen 2 in-game OST

Hello LOK music fans,

it´s been years now since I recorded the BO2 in-game soundtrack for NR, but Tenaya, the owner of NR has been gone all this time, so I decided to upload it on sendspace in the meantime. Tenaya helped me with making the covers for this ost, so if you read this Tenaya, thank you and hopefully you will get online soon. Everybody else, enjoy this latest addition to LOK universe. If you want to listen to the remixed tracks from BO2, you can find it on the Lost Worlds.


  1. I´ll upload it tomorrow, don´t worry :)

  2. I wonder why a remix pack was released while almost the entirety of the real in-game OST was not.
    Anyway, thanks for the upload! =)

  3. You haven't got the 'Upper City' music in this. :(

  4. Greetings,
    Thank you for the great work. Do you by chance have plans to provide a FLAC-encoded version of that OST ?
    Best regards.