Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Is Square Enix offering up LOK to the indie scene?

SE Collective creator, Phil Elliott, wants to know whether you will be interested in LOK game made by an indie company. Show some support for our fan Soul Revenant project if you can! Show them that Legacy of Kain fans still exist and roam this land!


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  2. Arturo The115 June 2017 at 19:22
    I don't know if that will be a good idea, but I suppose it'sa good choice conaidering the crap fest that was Dead Sun.

    But I do remember Jake's game "Prodigal Sons" which wasn't too bad. And the forum (where I first met you) was also a good community.

    It's been years since those forums shut down and Jake disappeared. I also stopped going to the forum just before they were closed. I don't remember why but I hadn't looked at the LOK community since. I'm glad I'm back though because the game is too good to just forget about.

    1. Jake has renamed his project into Dark Reneissance (you can find it on fb).

      SoulRev community is now primarily on fb as well, I post all the small updates on there and will post big ones on my blog.

  3. Well, that's better than passing it around to devs that doesn't care and have to hurry, indie developers usually have out of the box ideas and care for the IP or lore of their games so... It's a good choice, also it's usually a good platform for non-standard games.